and information

October 4-6, 10-12, 17-20, 24-27, 29 & 30
6:30pm - 9:30pm

Gates open at 6:30 and we let small groups go through every few minutes. We start selling tickets each evening at 6:30pm and sell them until 9:00pm.


Fury of Castle Dracula
(Haunted House)

To satisfy the public’s thirst for highly entertaining scares, Alderney Landing presents “Fear the Darkness Haunted House, Fury of Castle Dracula”. Not for the faint of heart, this annual Haunted House is sure to scare even the tough guys!
(Parental Discretion is Advised)



FREE Storytelling Fire Circle
Join us in the Helen Creighton Courtyard for our Storytellers Fire Circle. Sit around the fire and listen to spooky tales in the tradition of Dr. Helen Creighton that will engage people of all ages! And possibly give you a scare or two.
Click here for a schedule of performances

Creighton Crypt Ride
You don’t want to miss this Simulated Casket Ride. It is not as scary as it is cool.



Haunted Photo Booth

Have your picture taken on the way into the Haunted House or just stop in and have spooky photos taken and if you choose you can purchase the photo strip on the spot.

Helen’s Shanty
Love at First Bite
by: Captured Escape Rooms

10 minutes to escape!
Thanks to Captured Escape Rooms Halifax. We’re excited for this year’s escape room!



Selfie Haunted Park

Pull out your camera (phone) and take a selfie or two in our Haunted Selfie Park.


Spiritual Readings

Raise your overall spiritual awareness and speak with one of our mediums!
Readings are for 12 minutes.



Prefer to explore the Haunted House with the lights on?
No problem!

On October 26 from
10am to 1pm
you can do just that.

Step into a Scare
--This is only available in the VIP Package (see directly below). Step in for a volunteer and do the scaring yourself!


Bundle Your Scare

Access to:
- Haunted House
- Creighton Crypt Ride
- Selfie Haunted Park
- Haunted Photo Booth


The most important accessory if you want to keep the Boogie Man at bay. Kind of like using garlic to keep a vampire away! This card will keep people from being targeted specifically.


VIP Experience

Get VIP treatment, Front of the line service, Haunted House, Creighton Crypt Ride, Selfie Haunted Park, Haunted Photo Booth, Step into a scare, covered while waiting in line with a bag of candy, and a complimentary hot drink. Ideal for group outings.

Group rates for 10 or more people.

For more information or to book your group, call the Alderney Landing box office at 902-461-8401.