Our Vision

Fear The Darkness

"Die Happily Ever After"


This year's Fear The Darkness Haunted House is dedicated to nursery rhymes and fairy tales. With a spooky version of well-known stories the Haunted House brings you the scary twist on the stories you thought you knew!

he Bluenose Ghosts Festival is an ongoing initiative by Alderney Landing to preserve the cultural heritage and integrity of Dartmouth by engaging many levels of the community. From offering students in Saint Mary’s University’s History Department unique research projects to curriculum aligned educational programs for elementary and junior high students and fine art projects. Researching and retelling entertaining stories inspired by Dr. Helen Creighton’s work on the supernatural is a rewarding activity for students of all ages. As homage to Dr. Creighton and her tireless efforts to document stories, songs and experiences of Atlantic Canadians we continue to collect stories of Downtown Dartmouth.


Bea McGregor
Executive Director, 

Alderney Landing